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Flatness Measuring Equipment

For use with Kemet Flat Lapping and Polishing Systems, Kemet Flatness Measuring Equipment is designed to assist in the measurement and maintenance of surface flatness.

Kemet Monochromatic Light

Produces clear flatness readings when used with Kemet Optical Flats. The compact designed Light is easily transportable and uses a sodium long-life sodium light source. Supplied with a flatness reading interpretation chart.

Kemet Flatness Gauges

The Kemet Flatness Gauge is used to monitor a lapping plate’s flatness and to give an indication of the flatness the plate will produce on a given part size.

The Gauge comes with a calibrated double-sided master setting block and is supplied complete with instructions in a fitted case.


  • Suitable for lapping plates 15” (380mm) to 36” (914mm) diameter
  • Span of Gauge: 9.29” (236mm)
  • 1 Micron Accuracy

Kemet Optical Flats

Produced from Quartz, Kemet Optical Flats are available in single and double sided, 1/4 light band or 1/10 light band accuracy. Standard sizes from 25mm up to 300mm diameter. They are supplied with Certificate of Conformity together with full instructions. National Physical Laboratory Certificates are also available. Special optical flats are available on request. Kemet offers an optical flat reconditioning and calibration service.

Optical flat stands

Optical Flat Stand

Large optical flats over 250mm diameter are heavy. If they are placed directly onto thin components such as mechanical seals, they can cause distortion of the component and give incorrect light band readings. Kemet offer monochromatic lights incorporating bench stands to hold large optical flats.


  • No incorrect light band readings due to component distortion
  • Protection of optical flat
  • Able to accurately measure a variety of component sizes
  • No handling of optical flat required

Straight Edge

Available for Kemet 15, Kemet 20, Kemet 24,Kemet 36 lapping machines for measuring plate flatness. Used with feeler gauges.

Flatness Wallchart

Flatness wall chart availble upon request and shipped free with every Kemet Lapping machine