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Kemet Grinding Paste / Lapping Paste for Valves

To complement our Diamond Product range, Kemet also manufacture non-diamond grinding and lapping pastes. Silicon carbide and aluminium oxide pastes are available in 1kg containers in a wide range of Grit sizes.

The main advantages of Kemet grinding pastes include:-

  • Water soluble (environmentally friendly) and safe when handled.
  • User Friendly - fast and effective cutting.
  • Strictly manufactured to ISO 9001:2000 Quality standards - MSDS supplied.
  • Only finely graded abrasives used. Kemet Lapping pastes have many applications but are particularly suited to the lapping of mechanical seals and valve seats.


Kemet Abrasive Lapping Paste (Other Grades POA)
Description  SizeCode
Green Silicon Carbide Paste F12003 Micron1 Kg361547
Green Silicon Carbide Paste F10004.5 Micron1 Kg361552
Green Silicon Carbide Paste F6009.3 Micron1 Kg361514
Green Silicon Carbide Paste F40017.3 Micron1 Kg361551
Green Silicon Carbide Paste F36022.8 Micron1 Kg361548
Green Silicon Carbide Paste F32029.2 Micron1 Kg361558
Green Silicon Carbide Paste F28036.5 Micron1 Kg361538
Green Silicon Carbide Paste F22062 Micron1 Kg361550
Black Silicon Carbide Paste F18075 Micron1 Kg361549
Black Silicon Carbide Paste F120109 Micron1 Kg361689
White Aluminium Oxide Paste F12003 Micron1 Kg361544
White Aluminium Oxide Paste F10004.5 Micron1 Kg361624
White Aluminium Oxide Paste F8006.5 Micron1 Kg361545
White Aluminium Oxide Paste F6009.3 Micron1 Kg361543
White Aluminium Oxide Paste F50012.8 Micron1 Kg361546
White Aluminium Oxide Paste F36022.8 Micron1 Kg361542
Boron Carbide Paste F28037 Micron1 Kg361458
Boron Carbide Paste F36023 Micron1 Kg 
Boron Carbide Paste F40017.5 Micron1 Kg362022
Boron Carbide Paste F50013 Kg1 Kg300254
Boron Carbide Paste F6009 Kg1 Kg361847


Kemox Suspension treated abrasive slurry

Where the abrasive and carrier are pre-mixed in the correct proportions, resulting in a cleaner and more efficient lapping process. Recommended for redressing and reconditioning Kemet or Cast Iron Lapping Plates. Kemet recommend Kemox O-400S for faster conditioning.

Kemox 09505 Litres300102
Kemox 04005 Litres300105
Kemox 0400S5 Litres300111
Kemox 08005 Litres300104
Kemox 0800S5 Litres300112

Abrasive Powders

Kemet supply abrasive powders such as aluminium oxide and silicon carbide in wide range of Grit sizes in 5kg or 25 kg containers. 

Kemet Abrasive Powders (Other Grades and pack sizes POA)
Description SizeCode
White fused Aluminium Oxide F36023 Micron5 Kg361554
White fused Aluminium Oxide F36023 Micron25 Kg361561
White fused Aluminium Oxide F6009 Micron5 Kg361555
White fused Aluminium Oxide F6009 Micron25 Kg361614
White fused Aluminium Oxide F8007 Micron5 Kg361676
White fused Aluminium Oxide F8007 Micron25 Kg361615
Green Silicon Carbide F18075 Micron5 Kg361541
Green Silicon Carbide F18075 Micron25 Kg361653
Green Silicon Carbide F28037 Micron5 Kg361532
Green Silicon Carbide F28037 Micron25 Kg361629
Green Silicon Carbide F40017 Micron5 Kg361512
Green Silicon Carbide F40017 Micron25 Kg361579
Green Silicon Carbide F6009 Micron5 Kg361563
Green Silicon Carbide F6009 Micron25 Kg361631
Green Silicon Carbide F8007 Micron5 Kg362161
Green Silicon Carbide F8007 Micfon25 Kg362184
Green Silicon Carbide F10005 Micron5 Kg361535
Green Silicon Carbide F10005 Micron25 Kg361536
Green Silicon Carbide F12003 Micron5 Kg361537
Green Silicon Carbide F12003 Micron25 Kg361616
Black Silicon Carbide F23053 Micron5 Kg361644
Black Silicon Carbide F23053 Micron25 Kg361645
Black Silicon Carbide F28037 Micron5 Kg361646
Black Silicon Carbide F28037 Micron25 Kg361647
Black Silicon Carbide F36017 Micron5 Kg361648
Black Silicon Carbide F36017 Micron25 Kg361649
Black Silicon Carbide F6009 Micron5 Kg361562
Black Silicon Carbide F6009 Micron25 Kg361651


Col-K Polishing Suspension

A Liquid polish used on Kemet CHEM Cloth to produce the ultimate in high quality mirror polishes on polishing machines. A part abrasive, part chemical polishing action makes COL-K well suited to polishing difficult materials such as Stellite and Cobalt Chrome.

Col-K (NC) Polishing Suspension

A non-crystallising chemo mechnical polishing suspension, Col-K(NC) is available in 30 litres containers.

Col-K (NC), 0.06 um5 Litres600199
Col-K9NC), 0.06um20 Litres600202

Universal Lapping Oil

Universal lapping oil (No.3 lapping oil) is available in 25 or 205 litres for mixing with convential abrasives powders. Alternatively we sell premixed, Kemox suspension treated abrasive slurry.

Universal Lapping Oil5 litres361516
Universal Lapping Oil25 Litres361517
Universal Lapping Oil205 Litres361498


Aluminium Oxide Lapping Film

Tightly graded aluminium oxide coated onto a 3mm thickness polyester film backing. Available with or without PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive). For fibre optic connector polishing, flat lapping, superfinishing, media head finishing, hard disk drive polishing


• Excellent surface finish
• Reduces overall process time
• Produces high yields
• Non-slurry processing


Aluminium Oxide Lapping Film, 216 x 280mm sheet
Plain Backed

MicronColourCodeMin Quantity
15 36242150